Welcome to TREIBBALL OPEN. It offers treibball-tasks designed for advanced and medium advanced treibball teams. You can participate for free, enjoy the tasks, design and contribute your own tasks and compare your skills with other participating teams.
What TREIBBALL OPEN is about
TREIBBALL OPEN offers the tasks designed by organizers or by participants. You can try the tasks and share your videos with other players. You do not need to complete all the tasks - just those you like and when you have time and good conditions for training. TREIBBALL OPEN is a sort of competition - all the teams participating in a particular task can evaluate the videos of the others by voting.
What TREIBBALL OPEN is not about
TREIBBALL OPEN is neither a training course nor a platform for obtaining advice how to solve or train the tasks.
How and why TREIBBALL OPEN was born
Barnie, Flocke and Aisha have been playing advanced treibball for several years. They used to meet at treibball races in Germany and in the Czech Republic where they competed in the highest class 3. They always placed on the medal positions, they just changed the places. They have had no opportunity to meet physically at the races in 2020. Due to coronavirus, either the races had to be cancelled, or it was complicated to travel across borders. Their masters decided to prepare different tasks for them so that they can play together and share the videos. Later they decided to open the game for free to anyone who would like to join.
Who is behind?
Milan Stoklasa
Founder of the platform, website builder, webmaster, design of the tasks, Czech version
Helmut Semmet
Cofounder, design of the tasks, German version, communication with German speaking participants
Bohdana Stoklasova
Cofounder, administration, English version, communication with English and Czech speaking participants