1. Participation in the TREIBBALL OPEN competition is free of charge.
  2. The competition is based on video recordings (hereinafter only video) of the competition tasks.
  3. Three levels are offered: HIGH, MEDIUM and START for the categories SMALL (smaller and including 40 cm at withers) and LARGE (above 40 cm at withers). If there are 3 or more senior dogs or young handlers in one class/category, the special categories Senior (dogs older than 8 years) and/or Young handler (handler younger that 15 years) will be open for them. For each task, the team can choose any (but only one) level.
  4. Only registered teams can compete in the TREIBBALL OPEN.
  5. Registration is done on the TEAMS page. By registering, the registrant agrees with the publication of the submitted data on the TREIBBALL OPEN website. E-mail address is not published.
  6. By registering, the registrant declares, that he/she has read the CONDITIONS, RULES and INSTRUCTIONS for participation in TREIBBALL OPEN and that he/she accepts them.
  7. Registered participants can ask for changing of their texts, other data, and photos via the new registration.
  8. The participant uploads his/her video via the form on the page of the relevant task. Videos submitted in other ways will not be accepted.
  9. By submitting a video to TREIBBALL OPEN, the sender agrees with its publication on the TREIBBALL OPEN website, its inclusion in the competition and its evaluation.
  10. The usual duration of the task is 8 weeks. It can be changed if needed.
  11. Each team can send a maximum of two videos for one task. The later submitted video will be used for evaluation.
  12. The organizers decide on the accepting of videos for the competition (completing of all the parts of the tasks and compliance to formalities).
  13. After publishing the video on the web or facebook of TREIBBALL OPEN, or after evaluating and closing the task, the participant can publish his/her own video without any restrictions, but he/she must add the information that this task belongs to TREIBBALL OPEN.
  14. Videos and accompanying data of other participants can be published outside the TREIBBALL OPEN website only with the consent of these participants. By publishing, the information that this task belongs to TREIBBALL OPEN must be included.
  15. Task performance time is one of the evaluation criteria.
  16. Another evaluation criterion is the quality of performance of the team. All participants who have taken part in at least one of the previous or current tasks and whose video was accepted, have the right to rate the videos of other participants in all categories by voting.
  17. The scale for voting is 1-5 points. Instructions for voting are given in the voting form. Each participant can vote only once, and he/she does not evaluate the performance of his/her own team/s. Only the full voting is valid. Voting where all participants are assigned the same number of points, is invalid.
  18. Participants vote under their names (name and surname of the handler) to register the votes. The results of the voting will be published anonymously.
  19. Participants can submit proposals of their own tasks. The proposal must contain diagrams showing the placement of the balls and paths and tasks for the dog for all the subtasks and dimensions of the playing field.
  20. The proposal can be submitted in any graphical form, scans and photos of hand drawings are also acceptable. Please, send your proposals as an appendix to the e-mail address
  21. The organizers decide (after consultations with the authors) on the acceptance of proposals for tasks and their necessary modifications and corrections and the date of publishing.
  22. The accepted task will be processed to the standard format by organizers and published under the name of its proposer.
  23. Participation in TREIBBALL OPEN competition is at own risk and expenses of the participants.
  24. No claims, no compensation or indemnities, or anything else can be enforced against the organizers.
  25. CONDITIONS, RULES, and INSTRUCTIONS for the TREIBBALL OPEN competition can be updated and changed by the organizers.